Children's accessories - types, features, characteristics

Good taste, aesthetic sense, and love for beautiful and high-quality things are instilled from childhood. Therefore, if you want your daughter to grow up to be a stylish and attractive lady who knows how to invent and wear elegant outfits, you should take care of it now. And the best way to realize such a dream is to choose children's jewelry together on Our article will tell you about what similar products should be!

Materials, design, accessories - what should you pay attention to?

Designers make many cute and original accessories for babies. However, not all of these decorations are equally suitable for use. What should be considered when choosing?

First of all, you need to find out what the product is made of. Optimal materials are hypoallergenic and safe alloys - 925 silver and 585 gold. Things made of surgical steel are becoming more and more popular, however, when buying them, you should make sure that the coating is applied smoothly and evenly. Also, do not forget to monitor how carefully the precious stones, enamel inserts, overlays, beads and other decorative details are fixed.

Always check the security of the fasteners. Babies are more mobile than adults, and your daughter will be very sorry to lose her favorite necklace or earrings because of a lock that was inappropriately unfastened during a fun game. And the smallest fashionistas should wear pushers - such models are almost impossible for a child to remove on their own, without outside intervention.

Jewelry for children should not have sharp, strongly protruding elements, long pendants, large overlays. Unwanted and too massive and noticeable products - they will only distract the girl from everyday activities and fun with friends. By the way, with the help of such accessories, you can explain to your daughter about the appropriateness of certain outfits, show the differences between fashion trends, and instill an understanding of the dress code.

Style and content - what are accessories like?

When choosing jewelry for a child, you need to make sure that not only you like them. Babies are not yet able to appreciate the restrained elegance and hidden meaning of some models - they will be much more pleased with bright, cute decorations. Yes, a berry pendant, a ring with a butterfly spreading its wings, a cat pendant, fun necklaces and a bracelet made of golden natural amber are guaranteed to delight your daughter.

That is why children's jewelry for girls is so diverse and extraordinary. Their assortment is no less than that of "adults", but the design is much more sophisticated and spectacular. It seems that such products appeared straight from a fairy tale, where a beautiful princess tried them on! And although such accessories may seem too naive to parents, in fact they contribute to the formation of an individual style. Gradually, the girl will learn to combine different things, adhere to the dress code and create basic sets - but for now, let her enjoy colorful shades and funny shapes.

 Jewelry collections - what will a child need?

As a rule, a girl's first piece of jewelry is earrings - first simple, comfortable to wear "studs", and then accessories with English or French locks. However, products should be as light as possible so as not to injure a small ear - therefore, it is worth choosing models with small precious stones, rhinestones or enamel inserts. Are you going to buy jewelry for children of elementary or middle school age?

The ideal option would be bracelets - both the famous "Pandora", pendants for which you can choose yourself, and simpler models. Such things can be combined with other accessories - for example, a product made of polished Polish amber looks great together with the same necklace or a pendant made of a single gem. Narrow rings, hairpins, and pendants in the form of flowers, animals, and birds will not be superfluous.

And our jewelry store "Amber Polissya" will gladly offer you exclusive author's jewelry, hand-made from solar gems. Such products will not only become the "highlight" of a children's wardrobe, but also have a beneficial effect on health, because the fossilized resin of prehistoric trees releases useful substances (magnesium, iron, zinc and selenium) that strengthen immunity, prevent allergies and colds. In addition, natural precious stones will give their owner luck, beauty, joy and peace. With such accessories, your daughter will be a real beauty queen!